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Soaring Above Co-Addiction
I, a Squealer
Richard Bruns
Paperback $17.95, Ebook $9.99

Available December 2017

The year was 1965. The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and The Righteous Brothers filled the air waves. Television shows like “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett” and “The Andy Griffith Show” mirrored the innocence of life in the dusty city of Tucson, Arizona. But the sun-baked desert surrounding Tucson was hiding a sinister secret. A psychopath named Charles Schmid, later nicknamed the “Pied Piper of Tucson” by Life magazine, would steal that innocence away along with the lives of three beautiful teenage girls.

In this firsthand account written in 1967, Richard Bruns shares the evolution of his friendship with a psychopath, the details of getting involved way in over his head, and how he finally summoned the courage to blow the whistle ending the deadly rampage that shocked the nation and changed the city of Tucson forever.

Soaring Above Co-Addiction
Soaring Above Co-Addiction
Lisa Espich
176 pages
Paperback $14.95, Ebook $9.99


An estimated 22.2 million Americans suffer from addiction. For countless family members and loved ones, their own lives get turned upside down too. This new book delivers life-changing tools for those families.

While there are some valuable books about co-dependency currently on the market, none of them take the exciting new approach that Soaring Above Co-Addiction offers. The author shares her own experience of how she overcame the obstacles of co-addiction by utilizing the tools of affirmations and visualization. It's like The Secret meets Codependent No More.

In this memoir-style self-help book, the reader learns all of the traditional methods of recovery--such as detachment and tough love--while also learning to master the power of the mind. This unique and inspiring book is sure to empower each of its readers to soar above their own co-addiction, while helping to create an environment that encourages a positive change in the addict. This is a must read for anyone affected by a person struggling with addiction!

Soaring Above Co-Addiction
There is no Hero in Heroin
Janice M. Nargi
188 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9831665-2-8
Paperback $19.95, Ebook $9.99


Jan Nargi, a single mother of two, is a registered nurse who worked in enough emergency rooms to know the signs of addiction, but failed to recognize them in her own family. Her son, Tommy, is a heroin addict. He started abusing Oxycontin when he was sixteen and graduated to mainlining heroin by age eighteen. This is their story. The one of his life chasing the high, and her life chasing after him. They hope their collaboration will strengthen their relationship, assist Tommy on the road to recovery, and offer help and encouragement to others struggling with the battle of addiction. They pray their story will convince you to chase a new high, a natural high on life.

This story is factual. It is graphic. It is real. There is no hero in heroin.

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